General Composites maintains the latest equipment and supporting software to compete in the rapidly advancing arena of composite part production and innovation.  Moreover, needs arise occasionally whereby our engineers and production staff are called on to construct uniquely specific equipment for a complex task at hand.  These proprietary production process tools are a cornerstone to our competitive advantage.

  • 50,000 square feet of environmentally-controlled manufacturing space.
  • Large Format CNC Routers for core machining and tooling development.
  • 12 High Production, Computer Controlled HP-RTM molding cells with capabilities to 500 psi and 400° F.
  • Dozens of custom and commercial molding presses with heated platens for various manufacturing methods.
  • McClean-Anderson High Temperature Thermoplastic Filament Winder for processing of PEEK/Carbon composites.
  • Custom PEEK Transfer Molding Press.
  • 300 ton Wabash up-acting transfer press for larger projects.
  • 3 HAAS Vertical CNC Machining Centers for mold and tooling fabrication.
  • 6 HAAS CNC Tool Rooms for production machining operations.
  • Full inspection lab with 3,4 & 5 Axis FARO CMM capability.
  • Low-melt metal/Eutectic salt Die-casting Center for creating complex, easily removed cores.
  • Several Semi-automatic Diaphragm Formers with vacuum assist. For processing of thermoplastic composite sheets up to 24" by 36".
  • Gerber model 2500 CNC fabric cutter with nesting software, 24′ × 5′ for low-cost, pattern generation.
  • Lab scale Injection Molder, 1 oz.
  • Dedicated assembly and packaging areas.
  • HEPA clean room (uncertified at this time)for critical operations.
  • Fully equipped Research and Development Lab for new product/process development.
  • Fully equipped maintenance area and machine shop to reduce downtime.