General Composites was founded in 1987 around the idea that, while composite materials can offer great advantages in the design and production of a wide variety of products, they cost too much. At that time, composites processing seemed too expensive and too "fancy" to blossom outside of the aerospace industry. Since then, General Composites has been on a mission to match the performance of aerospace sector into mainstream manufacturing segments.

We do virtually all operations in-house so that we can maintain control over quality, cost, and schedule. GCi has a full CNC Fabrication shop and Electronics Lab, in addition to all of our production capabilities like packaging, part finishing, radiography, and CMM inspection.

We offer production capacity up to hundreds of thousands of parts annually, with fiber volumes approaching 60%. Bladders, low melt cores, wash-out cores, mandrels, machined and cast foam cores can all be combined with almost any resin and fiber system.

Thermoplastic composite fabrication brings an additional dimension to the capabilities of General Composites and sets us apart from our competition. It is safe to say that we were among the first to accomplish this and have been providing high quality parts with fast turnaround and low-cost tooling since the early 90's.

Long fiber compression molding, transfer molding, high temperature eutectic cores, roll wrapping, pressure molding, diaphragm forming, filament winding (both thermoset and thermoplastic), X-ray inspection, pad printing, packaging, assembly are more of the processes provided.