Capabilities Statement

General Composites is a contract manufacturer of efficiently made high-end composite components suitable for virtually any market. Unlike many composite manufacturers, our company builds opportunity on unique capabilities of materials versus accommodating many problems with one or two process solutions. We are at our best when a project requires multiple processes and has critical elements or special challenges including high production requirements and heavily regulated industries. Innovation is the foundation of most every project we take on.

High performance, high production Resin Transfer Molding (HP-RTM) is a specific process that General Composites has elevated to a uniquely new level. We offer production capacity up to thousands of parts annually, with fiber volumes approaching 60%. Bladders, low melt cores, wash-out cores, mandrels, machined and cast foam cores can all be combined with almost any resin and fiber system to get you what you need with this process.

Thermoplastic composite fabrication brings an additional dimension to the capabilities of General Composites and sets us further apart from competitors. Engineers at General Composites have developed machinery and have pioneered processing to handle the latest generations of thermoplastic composite materials; opening the door to many applications not thought possible in the past. This process capability continues to be one of our most unique offerings and greatest strengths.

Long fiber compression molding, transfer molding, out-of-autoclave pre-preg infusion, high temperature eutectic cores, roll wrapping, pressure molding, diaphragm forming, filament winding (both thermoset and thermoplastic), X-ray inspection, pad printing, packaging and assembly represent additional in-house process capabilities.

GCi also has a full CNC Fabrication shop and Electronics Lab to compliment composite production process offerings.