A woman owned and operated small business, General Composites is embracing a fourth decade of providing innovative carbon fiber and composite design, prototype and fabrication solutions. Capable of delivering high quantity volume through proprietary resin transfer molding processes, GCi is a proven contract manufacturer of efficiently made small to medium sized advanced composite components. GCi serves a variety of markets including but not limited to aviation, automotive, industrial, recreation, medical and defense.

GCi's Analysis Capabilities Expanded

GCI's stress analysis has performed composite FEM analysis (STATCs & DYNAMICs) on models with over 1 million elements, including linear and nonlinear load cases. The team has extensive experiences with ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS and Autocad.  Based on a customer’s need, GCi's team can deliver a quick safety check for a part or a complete stress report.

  • Composite ply  lay-up design
  • Micro/macro mechanical analysis
  • Analysis of shear lap joints
  • Failure analysis with first ply failure -Hill, Tsai-Wu, Haschin, and more
  • Simulations on different sandwich structures
  • Bolted joint analysis
  • Metal and composite hybrid model analysis

Active customers include the likes of: Beta Technologies, GE Healthcare, Singer Automotive, OrthoSolutions, The US Coast Guard and Varex Imaging. Current development initiatives include innovative efforts in the areas of automated resin transfer molding, recycled material integration and Thermoplastic Composite Hybrid Molding; utilizing the benefits of injection molding for complex high rate production.